Effortless Morning Routine Secrets We’re Stealing From the French

Your handy (French-approved) guide to starting your day off right.

(Ed note: I’ve been using Odiele oil for a month every morning, and it’s a true delight. It absorbs into the skin like a dream and leaves skin glowing.) 



The Pros Have Spoken: These Are the 9 Beauty Products Every Bride Needs

#1 Odièle Rose Sérum

"On this important day, skin care is essential. I always tell my clients that first and foremost, we prep/prime the skin before applying any makeup. Smooth and hydrated skin is the foundation of a flawless final makeup look. I use on to two drops of our Odièle Rose Sérum ($125) with its luxurious scent of pure rose, which I gently massage to seal the skin's moisture barrier to boost radiance and elasticity, creating a healthy and glowing skin. The foundation will just set in smoothly, leaving a dewy texture finish."  






The Odièle Rose Sérum is one of the few serums I feel comfortable saying is worth the $100+ price tag. It's super luxurious and hydrating on the skin, and it's the first oil I've ever used that sinks in so beautifully, I can apply makeup over it without ending up looking or feeling greasy. The formula is made up entirely of organic active botanical oils, so it's super gentle but really effective when it comes to replenishing skin and keeping it moisturized and youthful. If you're willing to splurge on just one product to do it all, this is a great pick. 






"This is my ride-or-die, desert island product.
I seriously love this product so much and I am always applying it,
especially in these winter months anytime my skin looks a little flat".